Mr Kato
Kazuyo Kato
Mrs Kato, the wife of the founder, was disturbed by her constant skin problems which was a result of air pollution and long term use of cosmetics. In order to cover up her facial blemishes and acne scar, she had to apply a heavy amount of cosmetics everyday which worsened her skin problem.  This continued in a vicious cycle. She has visited various specialists for her problems and has exhausted every means.
Company background
Derml is Yamachu’s first major venture in bringing its skincare products outside of Japan. It wishes to share the best Japanese clinical skincare products a manufacturer can offer to the rest of the world.

Yamachu Co. Ltd. was founded in 1965 and began when its co-founder, Kazuyo Kato, had a profound discovery.

In Asia, women take particular care of their skin. Japan’s unique emphasis on whitening and moisturizing are particularly suitable for Asian skin. In the past, many cosmetics brands spend a large part of their budget on advertising and marketing, however repetitive messages and Hollywood star endorsements no longer appeal to customers. Instead, customers are demanding for higher quality cosmetics and skincare products. They are looking for effective and scientifically-proven products, with active ingredients that influence the biological function of the skin and improve the appearance by delivering nutrients necessary for a healthy skin.

Derml is born out of this necessity and the desire for products that really work.
Experience - Kazuyo Kato
One day, Mr Kato, the founder of Yamachu, suggested that she apply the refined water used in the manufacturing of Japanese cakes for her skin problem. After using it for some time, she discovered noticeable changes, with a more healthy and superb skin. She was ecstatic! With this experience, Yamachu Co. Ltd. became a skincare product manufacturer, specializing in "Activated Refined Water" and high quality ingredients, hoping to share the same happiness initially discovered by Mrs Kato to many more people.