Derml Mc
Massage Conditioner
Derml Mc (Massage Conditioner)
Derml Mc is based on Yamachu’s unique “Serum to Wash” concept. The 1st step is “massaging” with Derml Mc which helps to cleanse your face and prepare your skin to allow maximum absorption during the next step. The 2nd step is “conditioning” with Derml Mc which lets the skin absorb the active ingredients at its full potential and form a conditioning layer to protect against harmful contaminants and enhance tonic effects. Derml Mc can greatly improve prominent skin pore problems such as blockage and excessive sebum secretion, giving you smooth and energetic skin.

Main Ingredients:
Activated Refined Water, Aterocollagen, Algae extract and Conc. EGF,hyluronate

• Deep cleansing for skin pores of the face
• Prevent excessive sebum excretion and pore blockage
• Improve skin tone and natural whitening potentials
• Energizing and giving long lasting protective effect on the face
• Recommended for oily or sensitive skin

Effective Date:
within 60 days after opening

After complete removal of any cosmetics on the face, apply appropriate amount of Derml Mc and gently massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Use a warm towel to wipe your face gently, then apply Derml Mc for the 2nd time until it is fully absorbed.

Where to buy:
Please consult your family doctors or near clinics

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