Derml R
Rejuvenating Essence
Derml R (Rejuvenating Essence)
Derml R is our state-of-the-art anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating essence, containing the highest amounts of concentrated EGF among all Japanese skin care formulas, giving back the skin its natural rejuvenating ability. 5 drops per day can dramatically improve skin aging conditions, and revive its ultra-gentle texture, smooth complexion and blemish-less skin.

Main Ingredients:
Conc. EGF, Activated Refined Water, Aterocollagen, Algae extract, hyluronate

• Anti-aging and rejuvenating
• Improve skin tone and natural whitening potentials
• Revive ultra-gentle texture
• Improve fine wrinkles
• Recommended for dry or sensitive skin

Effective Date:
within 60 days after opening

After thorough cleansing or after use of Derml Mc,
apply 5 drops of Derml R to face
Gently massage until fully absorbed
Apply once daily before sleep
Synergistic effects with Derml Mc

Where to buy:
Please consult your family doctors or near clinics

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