Derml S
Supreme UV Quintessence
Derml S Supreme UV Quintessence SPF30 PA+++
Derml S completely and safely protects skin from UV, with original UV cut technology which is called "silk protein nano capsule" for incomparable UV absorption. In addition, it amply combines effective ingredients for long lasting moisturizing effect to skin. Additive free and water-based texture with no stickiness make comfortable to use on face and body. Derml S also has highly potential for an anti-aging and rejuvenating effect by combining ingredient that is called "Astaxanthine" to be pinkness. It effectively prevents skin conditions in cause of UV such as freckles and sun spots.

※It can act as foundation for make-up
※Derml S is suitable to any skin conditions of babies, children, and adults, even for allergic skin and post laser treatment.

Main Ingredients:
Refined water, Atelocollagen, Alagae Extract, Hyalunate, Astaxanthin etc.

UVA protection; PA+++, UVB protection; SPF30
Moisturizing effect; long lasting moisturizing by effective ingredients such as Atelocollagen and Hyaluronate
Anti-aging effect; prevent skin conditions such as freckles and sun spots on skin.

Effective Date:
Within 90 days after open

Shake it well. Take adequate amount on a hand and spread evenly on skin. Maintain sunscreen effect put on please again after wiping sweat.

Where to buy:
Please consult your family doctors or near clinics

Contact us:
+852 27301737
Silk protein nano capsule
Derml S is a groundbreaking quintessence that combines efficacious UV protection, anti-aging and moisturizing. Silk Protein Nanocapsules confine UV absorbent agents to reduce allergy or harmful effects to the human skin.