International recognition
Derml products are known for its high quality and simple to use regimen. All its products are manufactured in Japan. With its emphasis on quality and efficacy, huge amount of resources was invested in R&D and manufacturing processes. This is in contrast to most other brands that invest heavily on marketing and advertising. With this focused enthusiasm in the product, Yamachu Co. Ltd. was consecutively recognized in 2009 and 2010 by International Institute for Quality Selections and was awarded its highest honor-- Monde Selection Grand Gold Award, the best product in skincare and cosmetic category.

The International Institute for Quality Selections was founded in 1961 in Brussels, the capital of Belgium in Europe. Its mission is to test consumer goods from all over the world and to grant them an internationally renowned quality award. This bronze, silver, gold or grand gold quality label can be compared to the quality stars of a hotel or those of the Michelin Guide. Every year, more than 70 professionals, nutritionists, health consultants, chemical engineers, famous oenologists and master sommeliers grant these prestigious quality awards.

With this award, the consumer will be assured that the product intended for purchase has been tested and approved by a totally independent professional jury. This has solidified the position of Derml’s products as of the highest quality and recognized internationally.